Star Wars rumors: Why EA losing exclusive gaming rights would be good

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Photo Credit: Lucasfilm and EA

There’s a rumor circulating the Internet that Electronic Arts is going to lose their exclusive right to make Star Wars video games. We explain why this could be a good thing.

Since 2013, Electronic Arts has had the sole rights to the Star Wars franchise in the gaming world. Since that deal, EA has published Star Wars Battlefront, a reboot of the beloved classic from 2004, a Clash of Clans clone with a Star Wars skin, a handful of other mobile games, and Star Wars Battlefront II.

That’s it. It’s been almost five years since EA got the rights to Star Wars and they’ve released only two real games. (I don’t count mobile games as real games – they’re more like those machines at the mall where you insert 50 cents and get back a random, junky plastic finger topper). Not to mention, the two real games that EA has managed to release, Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Battlefront II, have been less than extraordinary and more than controversial, respectively.

Let’s discuss the first – err, third? – Battlefront game. Okay, the Battlefront that was made by EA and released in November of 2015. I pre-ordered this game. In fact, I pre-ordered the ultimate edition for over a hundred dollars that included all of the expansion passes and additional content that would be made available at dates spread out between the game’s release and the release of Rogue One in December 2016. Yeah, I’m a fan.