Star Wars rumors: Why EA losing exclusive gaming rights would be good

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Photo Credit: Lucasfilm, Electronic Arts

A disappointing Star Wars gaming experience.

Unfortunately, I got burned. EA’s first Battlefront game was in no way offensive – we’ll get to that with Battlefront II – but something about it was… off. It lacked content and depth – the initial release featured no story campaign and multiplayer maps from only four different planets in the Star Wars universe. Vehicles were obtained by picking up power-up tokens scattered across Hoth, Tatooine, Endor, and Sullust. The downside to this mechanic was that veteran players memorized where these tokens were located and easily dominated those of us with day jobs.

Something about the game just didn’t seem fun. I lost interest in the game within a matter of weeks – no, days if I’m being completely honest. I booted up Battlefront to give it another chance when each of the expansion packs released, bringing new maps to the game, but stopped playing again after a matter of hours. Playing seemed more like a chore than a gaming experience. I know that some people loved the first Battlefront – I, unfortunately, was not one of them.

That’s not to say Battlefront was all bad. It looked and sounded absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately, aesthetics weren’t enough to save it.