Star Wars video games we want and studios that could make them

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Photo Credit: Naughty Dog

A Single Player Adventure by Naughty Dog

It feels like we’ve been waiting forever for a full-fledged, single-player story set in the Star Wars universe. Since Disney’s acquisition of the franchise, EA has failed to quench our thirst – 2015’s Battlefront didn’t include any single player campaign while the recently released Battlefront II’s story mode was short and lackluster. Star Wars 1313, a game that would have let players control Boba Fett as he navigated the criminal underworld of Coruscant, was supposed to have been in production but was inexplicably canceled before any real details surfaced.

Another single player focused Star Wars game was more recently being developed by Visceral Games and game designer Amy Hennig, who helped bring the Uncharted series to life. It was meant to be an action-adventure type game, set between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back and the spiritual successor to 1313. The little that had come out about the game looked very promising. That is until EA shut down Visceral and the project died.

While we’re still dying to hopefully one day get our hands on this game, there’s no use crying over spilled (blue?) milk. There is, however, use in hoping that Naughty Dog, the gaming company that created The Last of Us and the aforementioned Uncharted series, gets a shot at a single player Star Wars adventure. Anyone who has stepped into the boots of Uncharted’s Nathan Drake knows that he’s the central character in a gaming experience that seamlessly weaves together player controlled action and cinematic cut scenes to create one heck of an adventure.

Imagine an Uncharted-style game set in the Star Wars universe. It would be an entirely new story about an already established character, or a totally new one. It could, for example, follow a bounty hunter at any point in the Star Wars timeline, or a Rebel during the early days of the Empire, or even an Imperial inquisitor sent to hunt down any surviving Jedi between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope.

One thing is for certain: Naughty Dog knows how to deliver an engaging cinematic and story-driven gaming experience, something that would fit right in among Star Wars fans.