Star Wars video games we want and studios that could make them

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A New Knights of the Old Republic by CD Projekt Red

One of the best games to be released in recent years is The Witcher III: Wild Hunt. And one of the best Star Wars games to ever come out is Knights of the Old Republic. Why not combine these two forces for good, and let CD Projekt Red, the developer behind The Witcher, give us a new Knights of the Old Republic game?

The Witcher III combines rich world building with a spellbinding story. Toss in a seemingly unlimited number of lengthy side quests and fluid combat-based gameplay and you have one of the best RPGs in recent memory. The Witcher III also heavily leans on letting the player develop and alter the in-game world through the choices he or she makes. The end result is a visually stunning experience that offers literally hundreds of hours of gameplay.

Knights of the Old Republic is coveted among Star Wars fans as one of the best games to come out of the franchise. The reason is primarily its ability to tell an extremely compelling story that, at the time, explored uncharted waters in the Star Wars timeline. A new Knights of the Old Republic could similarly break new ground. Currently, none of the Old Republic era Star Wars material that has been released is canon. No movies, books, comics, or stories about the Old Republic have been released since Disney bought Star Wars and declared all previously released material null and void.

A new Knights of the Old Republic video game would be an excellent way to reintroduce the Old Republic era to fans of the older games and introduce the time period for the first time to newer Star Wars fans. Disney could even use the game as a jumping off point to develop movies, books, and other stories set during the Old Republic time period. No matter what Disney decides, one thing’s for certain: Knights of the Old Republic is a story-driven game, and CD Projekt Red knows how to tell a good story.