Star Wars Rebels series finale Easter eggs you may have missed

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There’s always a bit of truth in Legends.

Even with the newly implemented Star Wars canon, the legacy of the Expanded Universe (now Legends) lives on within the newer content — showing that the writing crew of Rebels love many of the classic stories that we will do.

The Star Wars Rebels finale is no exception, with many Legends nods peppered throughout the final moments of the show. Did you catch any of these little nuggets?

Star Wars Legends Easter eggs

The Dreadnaught Cruisers from the original Thrawn trilogy make an appearance — the very ones the Grand Admiral uses in his blockade on Lothal.

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To me, they’re royalty

The Imperial Guards, who fight Ezra, attire reminiscent of the ones they used during their training period in Star Wars legends.

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A Legends duo reunited?

Hera and Kanan’s son, Jacen, is no doubt a nod to Jacen Solo — Han Solo and Princess Leia’s from Star Wars Legends. In this other timeline, Jacen Solo and Ben Skywalker are related, so, will we see them reunite, of sorts, as Ben Solo and Jacen Syndulla training at the Jedi Temple under Luke Skywalker?

Gilad Pellaeon

An Imperial Naval officer in Star Wars Legends, Pellaeon was a significant player in the Battle of Endor — where he later perished on the world of Fondor. However, within the Star Wars canon, he meets the Maker much earlier, when a school of space whales destroys his command ship. In Rebels, Pellaeon has a brief comms conversation with Grand Admiral Thrawn, right before the purgill (space whales) arrive.

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It’s encouraging to know that those involved in making new Star Wars stories are aware of those Legends arcs from times past. But, for the love of “the Maker” could we get (Darth) Revan implemented into the canon? Would that be too much to ask?