Star Wars Rebels series finale Easter eggs you may have missed

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References to the Prequels and Original trilogy

The final Star Wars Rebels episodes also pay tribute to the live-action films, which is something the writers did from day one of the show’s inception. The most prominent homage is seen in the episode A World Between Worlds, with every single movie and TV show referenced in the most creative way possible. Filoni and company weren’t done connected Rebels to the films themselves.

Sheev Palpatine, a humble servant

Emperor Palpatine’s appearance to Ezra in the final episode is a look from his time as Supreme Chancellor. Instead of appearing menacing and evil, he went back to his playbook from when he seduced Anakin Skywalker — a more subtle approach.

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Ezra was wise to his schemes, resisting the advances of the “Devil” something that Anakin could not do himself two decades ago. Once the Emperor realizes his plots will not work on the young Jedi, transforms back into his sinister self.

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Former Clonetrooper Rex’s fate is officially revealed

Rex’s uniform in the season finale is the same as the Rebel Commandos who aided Han Solo and Princess Leia in disabling the Death Star II shield generator on Endor, shown in Return of the Jedi. Sabine’s narration at the end of the finale confirms that Rex indeed fought in the Battle of Endor, establishing that he is no doubt is the same man as Nik Sant.

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Another nod to Return of the Jedi

The shield generator protecting the Imperial sphere on Lothal is the same model used on Endor during the final act of Return of the Jedi.