Star Wars memorabilia: Preserving and displaying your collection

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Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

Fun Toys

Lots of us buy collectibles as toys, then later display them as part of the collection. Whether it’s a NERF starfighter that shoots glowing darts or just action figures for your personal recreation of Snoke’s throne room fight when no one’s looking, these are the toys you wanna keep close at hand.

Not all of us enjoy the ability to work in environments where we can deck out our desks with 18-inch Ezra Bridgers and LEGO Millennium Falcons, but if you can sneak a few Star Wars toys into your workspace, go for it. Coworkers with a keen eye can connect with you over a love of classic cinema, modern animation or whatever Droids counts as. Otherwise, perch figures on dressers, keep them on bedside tables, wherever you want easy access. Just don’t get them wet, or feed them after galactic midnight.

“In a dark place, we find ourselves…”

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

Once your collectibles are all nicely lined up on their shelves, or in a Sarlacc’s pit of a pile on the dresser, you might want to consider lighting options. IKEA  has lighting stands that fit neatly inside their display cases, but a simple desk lamp works wonders. Don’t use a lamp directly over comic books or other paper materials, however. They can cause fading over time. These are best stored away for the future away from dampness, harsh light or grubby hands. Of course, keep heat away from your prizes.

When you hit the big time and have all the collectible cases you desire, consider adding antique bulbs to your display area. The classic lighting delivered by these is softer than that of UV-spectrum bulbs, so it casts a different look than full spectrum light, and the effect is noticeable. The raw look of this type of bulb makes it an excellent match for the Star Wars saga. A strip of these lights above the display cases can transform the space. Add a Star Wars banner or flank the cases with posters (in their appropriate archive-quality frames, of course) to create a stunning centerpiece.