Star Wars memorabilia: Preserving and displaying your collection

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Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

“Jyn, I’ll be there for you. Cassian said I had to.”

There are some collectibles that just aren’t right for display. Often, we buy these as investments, knowing that they’re nearly one-of-a-kind finds that we can’t bear to expose to the elements or the grubby hands of small children and coworkers. These include signed scripts, especially those from the original trilogy, first-run collectible toys and action figures or other potentially fragile and likely irreplaceable heirlooms. These need quality storage.

Quality storage doesn’t have to cost a fortune, however. Comic books should be stored in acid-free archive paper and sleeves, and your friendly local comic book store probably has plenty in stock. Scripts should get the same treatment, as should any other paper documents. For more extensive items, make sure that the boxes are sturdy enough to withstand long-term storage demands. This includes firm corners for strength and material that resists potential exposure to humidity.

If you’ve got that $10,000 once-in-a-lifetime collectible, or George Lucas and Dave Filoni frozen in carbonite, consider a safety deposit box at a trusted local bank. Or let them out, because we need more of their good work!

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

“Always in motion is the future.”

It’s almost inevitable that you’ll need to move at least part of your collection at some point. Take it from someone who is the proud owner of a (now fixed) Hot Toys Rey that sustained broken fingers in an apartment move.  Boxing is essential! When it comes time to move your collectibles, set aside a full day to wrap them and, ideally, place them back in their original boxes. Boxes of equivalent size are also fine, especially for toys that see regular handling anyway (including Star Wars: Armada or other miniatures).