Star Wars: Three unsung heroes of the Rebel Alliance

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Photo Credit: Del Rey

From a Certain Point of View, a book celebrating 40 years of Star Wars, gives voice to the forgotten characters of A New Hope.

Star Wars under the radar heroes.

It’s a sad truth that many individuals who are important in shaping the world are forgotten or unceremoniously relegated to the footnotes in history textbooks. It’s why no one remembers people like Otto Frederick Rohwedder, the dude who basically invented sliced bread.

Unfortunately, the reality is no different in a galaxy far, far away. This sad truth is why Chewbacca (of all people!) was denied a shiny new medal. It’s why heroes like Gold Leader, Wes Janson, and Jan Dodonna are glossed over in the collective memory of the Rebel Alliance’s plight against the Evil Galactic Empire in favor of more flashy, interesting, and, dare I say, attractive people like Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia Organa.

Some of the most important and influential Star Wars characters are only visible to the investigative eye or aren’t even seen on screen at all. However, that sad reality is no more! Thanks to From a Certain Point of View, a book containing 40 short stories from 40 different perspectives throughout A New Hope, the once forgotten heroes of Star Wars get their due and take their rightful place in the history books!

Here are three unsung heroes of the Rebel Alliance: