5 badass Marvel Star Wars ladies who need their own live-action series

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Darth Talon

Darth Talon is a Twi’lek who turned into a Sith Lady. Being a Twi’Lek alien makes her of open-ethnicity. Talon is a golden opportunity for Jon Favreau to be creative with this character due to her flexibility.

As well as being incredibly talented in combat, she wields powers like Force lightning (shooting lightning out of her hands) and some form of Makashi (a form of lightsaber combat).

Fun fact: each tattoo on her body was earned during ritual combat and inscribed by Krayt. Jon sure could tell one hell of a story with all of those tattoos, don’t you think?


Credit: Youtube

Similar to Darth Talon, Githany is a Sith Lord, but before emerging as one, she was an average human being. She wields both a lightsaber and a lightwhip (yeah, a whip). She started out as a Jedi but was drawn to the Brotherhood of Darkness, and became a master of Darth Bane.

First of all, a lightwhip?! That’s one of the dopest things I’ve ever heard. Secondly, the fact that she started off as just an average human would set up a promising story-line for a TV show.

Think about it. An average working-class woman turned Sith Lord would be a great story to start the show off with. And besides, they can always add more elements to thicken the plot.

Plus, the lightwhip.