5 badass Marvel Star Wars ladies who need their own live-action series

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Jarael isn’t her real name. Her birth name is Edessa and she used to be a slave to the Crucible. She spent much of her time trying to help free others by training them to survive and preventing them from being sent off elsewhere in the galaxy.

She sounds pretty heroic, but Jarael’s also described as hot-tempered, which is a bit of an exciting combination. What makes her stand out more is that she’s never been described as a Jedi, but rather more of a vigilante character. Jarael wields the deadly double-bladed lightsaber and is a master of combat and creating disguises.

If Favreau were to bring her to his live-action show, then it’d be intriguing to see how he’d deal with the Star Wars version of Voltron’s Keith Kogane (in the heroic and hot-headed way)! She’s pure girl power, am I right?

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Unlike everyone else mentioned on this list, Guri is a droid and a really dangerous one at that. She’s even taken on legends like Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa.

Guri is a very dangerous weapon made by Imperial researchers for Prince Xizor. She’s incredibly skilled in hand-to-hand combat and is merciless when killing somebody. I mean, she was programmed to be an assassin, after all.

She appeared in Lucasfilm’s ‘Shadows of the Empire‘ video-game, but like Satele Shan, she hasn’t appeared in anything else. Considering she’s interacted with such classic characters in the comics, it would make some sense to give her the limelight in a TV show.

Besides, I totally want to see a droid kick some butt!