Star Wars ‘future’ technology that’s now a reality

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Electric Armour APC

Modern day science

Now, thanks to modern science, the shield also has armored personnel carriers, and tanks of Great Britain’s Ministry of Defense covered, according to reports released by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory. The “electronic armor” devised by the gearheads at the MOD uses an electrical grid to disperse incoming explosives and projectiles. Impressive. Most impressive.

“As a token of my goodwill, I present to you a gift. These two droids.”

Six billion forms of communication, and it still took C-3PO three movies to figure out how to tell a decent story. R2-D2 has been useful since before Sheev Palpatine envisioned the Clone Wars. That is enough to make the pair of droids worth picking up at any second-hand Sandcrawler. Droids do almost everything in the Star Wars galaxy. From ferrying data to lifting loads and even fighting wars, they’re an indispensable part of life (excepting some grumpy cantina owners).

Modern droids, like Honda’s ASIMO, can now open doors, do backflips and even gently carry eggs. Once we combine our favorite droids with artificial intelligence, we’ll finally get the C-3PO of our dreams. Or General Grievous —more likely Grievous. Man and machine, what horror. I think I want a droid detector now, too.