Her Universe sends out a call for aspiring designers


Thanks to Ashley Eckstein of Her Universe, if you’re an aspiring fashion designer you have the change to display your talent on the big stage at San Diego ComicCon!

Ashley Eckstein, founder of Her Universe, is a huge advocate of dreaming big and following those dreams – in fact, that is the focus of her new book It’s Your Universe: You Have the Power to Make It Happen which you can preorder on Amazon.

So, to give other people a platform from which to make their own dreams happen, Ashley Eckstein launched The HerUniverse Fashion Show which takes place each year at San Diego Comic-Con. She began the fashion show because she was so inspired by these fans that she saw at San Diego Comic-Con who she describes as using the halls of the convention as their runway.

Every year now, hundreds of both professional and amateur designers submit designs for a chance to showcase their work in the biggest “Geek Couture” fashion show. Here is the description from the Her Universe Website:

"“The Her Universe Fashion Show is the epicenter of the geek fashion movement as designers compete with their original “geek couture” designs to win the ultimate prize – the opportunity to design a Her Universe fashion collection with Her Universe founder Ashley Eckstein for Hot Topic.”"

If you aren’t familiar with the fashion show (or even if you are and want a refresher on all the action), you can visit the Her Universe website and watch a video of the 2017 Her Universe Fashion Show highlights and see pictures of the winning designers. The designs are seriously incredible!

In the highlights video, you get to hear about Ashley Eckstein’s incredible Cinderella inspired gown that she wore to the show. It was designed by the first ever winner of the show, Andrew MacLaine.

Ashley Eckstein is all about celebrating fandom and elevating fans (which is one of the things that makes her so fantastic). This is just one awesome platform through which she is encouraging people to follow their passions.

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Unfortunately, the designer registration for this year is closed, but that means that you have a year to work on some awesome samples to submit next time around! And make sure to keep apprised of the Her Universe Fashion Show action on Ashley Eckstein’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!