Marvel Comics Star Wars Darth Vader No.15: Ackbar takes on the Sith Lord


At last, we have the answer to the question we’ve all wondered about, is Darth Vader’s suit waterproof — revealed in the latest Marvel Comics Darth Vader Star Wars story.

When last we saw the Dark Lord of the Sith he was plummeting to the depths of Mon Cala’s vast oceans. And in the Marvel Comics Star Wars Darth Vader Issue No.15, the action picks up precisely where the previous issue left us.

After the tidal wave attack on Dac City, Darth Vader is left careening to the depths of the ocean. Just as his suit warns him of his low oxygen level something a bit more frightening occurs, he’s attacked by a giant Squid. It’s crushing grip cause Darth Vader to lose his grip on his lightsaber, but not to worry the Force is his ally.

Darth Vader uses the force to subdue the creature and control it. After he retrieves his lightsaber from the ocean bed, he uses the creature to bring him back to the surface. It’s on his journey back to the surface that Darth Vader runs into Imperial forces and boards a submarine containing his Sith Inquisitors.

Marvel; Lucasfilm

Once aboard the submarine, Darth Vader scolds his inquisitors for not having completed their mission of finding and eliminating the hidden Jedi Master. The Inquisitors point to their saving Darth Vader, but the dark lord quickly reminds them that he is never in need of a rescue.

Marvel; Lucasfilm

The King lives! If only to warn others of their impending doom.

From there we move onto King Lee-Char, who we find unconscious and drifting through the Sea. He is rescued by Mon Cala Forces. Once he comes to his first order of business is to warn Jedi Master Barr that Darth Vader and the Sith Inquisitors are after him and now have his location.

Meanwhile, Commander Ackbar leads his first successful assault against Imperial forces. It’s our first look at his military acumen, and a foreshadow of the success he will have as an Admiral if the Rebellion.

It also exposes a significant flax in Imperial thinking and tactics presented before, overconfidence. A flaw that Governor Tarkin is looking to correct as he will not tolerate failure.

Marvel; Lucasfilm

Another well-rounded issue in this Marve Comics Star Wars series, we’re given a bit of everything we want from Star Wars. This series quickly becomes one of the most entertaining pieces of the new canon.

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The Marvel Comics Star Wars issue has done well charting Darth Vader’s descent into darkness, the Empire’s growing tyranny, and the spark that brought about the Rebellion. It will be interesting to see how things turn out on Mon Cala.

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