Marvel is better than Star Wars, from a certain point of view

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From a certain point of view, the Marvel cinematic universe is better than Star Wars galaxy.

If you happened to stroll into any movie theater this weekend, you probably (obviously) walked into the Marvel movie Infinity War and a few hours later stumbled warily out of it. The cumulative silence mixed with the piano score was enough to conjure the morose. On the bright side, Thanos was a great jobs creator, and we like that in this country.

Infinity War promised high stakes and didn’t fail to deliver. One has to wonder if the run on gravestones will drive the prices through the roof, but save one for me no matter the cost. Although, it’s something I’ve known in the deep recesses of my mind, it’s not something I cared to admit.

See, when Thanos snapped his fingers, it wasn’t just moving the Marvel narrative or a glimpse of the Leftover’s prequel, it was something altogether different, personally. Because if this was the real world and I’m not floating cosmic decay, I buy a tombstone that reads: “Star Wars: former best movie franchise.”

Star Wars will always have a special place in my heart. In some ways, it’s my first love. Maybe it was my rebellion of sorts since my father was a Trekkie. As a youngster, I wore out VHS cassettes until the plastic peeled and the screen crackled with snow and colorful blurs.

I’ve watched Darth Vader drop his Dad bomb on Luke so many times I actually say it right.  I even watched the prequels in the theater’s ad nauseum, forgiving Jar Jar because we had Darth Maul or midichlorians because—well, no, midichlorians are plain stupid.