Star Wars history: Mandalorian culture is vital within a galaxy far, far away

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Mandalorian culture is engraved within the Star Wars lore, including connections with the Jedi Order itself. Who is this elite sect within a galaxy far, far away?

The planet of Mandalore is as storied a place as the capital of Coruscant, the sweeping deserts of Tatooine and the vast swamps of Dagobah. Mandalorian armor and symbols have become an iconic part of the Star Wars galaxy.

Younger fans have found a hero in a certain darksaber-wielding Lothal Rebel, and us old bantha farts still get the warm fuzzies when a certain unaltered clone says “As you wish.” Happiness is a cross-generational lightsaber battle, after all.

Fans of all ages are likely to find at least one Mandalorian they can identify with, and the hallowed warriors of Mandalore have good reason to be respected alongside the greatest of Jedi (or the most feared Sith lords). Strap on your jetpack backpack, bring along your Boba Fett mug and other tech toys because it’s time to learn about some of the canonical Mandalorians that made Star Wars what it is today.

The Mandalorian-Jedi War

A long, long time ago, the Mandalorian Crusaders fought back against the Jedi Order. Murals depicting these battles are scattered throughout their homeworld, most showing figures in the ancient armor of the Mandalorians wielding black blades and striking down Jedi and blaster-wielding foes alike. The Crusaders had no love for the limiting and idealistic views of the Jedi, and they often saw the Jedi “peacekeeper” role as one of a conqueror and invader.

Eventually, the Mandalorians pushed the Jedi off of their homeworld entirely using specialized fighting techniques, armor designed to deflect the blows of lightsabers and tools that included modified blasters, sonic repulsors, and jetpacks. Following the war, however, the tide turned against the ancient clan ideals and the concept of a single “Mand’alore” warrior-king.

Pacifists rose to power in the halls of Mandalore, and the warriors were exiled to a distant moon that had once seen use as a mining colony. This is where our list of notable, canonical Mandalorians truly begins.