Dark Ink revealing new art as part of their May The Fourth sale


Dark Ink

Every Star Wars fan is going to want to check out this  one-day May The Fourth sale on Star Wars art from Dark Ink. Produced by Acme Archives, the official Star Wars Licensee.

We keep telling you how cool the art is at Dark Ink – and we’re going to keep doing it because they keep revealing new, cool stuff.

As part of their one-day only May The Fourth sale ( TODAY), Dark Ink is releasing some brand-new Star Wars art. Not only is it awesome, but you can save a whopping 20% on any Star Wars art purchase (including these new pieces) – but only for today. Just use the code PORG20.

Here’s a look at some of the awesome new artwork you can get your hands on. But be sure to check out Dark Ink today to browse their entire selection of Star Wars pieces. You won’t be disappointed.

The Last Jedi by Mark Daniels (regular)

This beautiful piece comes as a 12″ X 24″ silkscreen as a seven color turquoise metallic ink silkscreen and features our favorite heroes front and center. It is part of a limited run of 250. Retails for $50.

Dark Ink

The Last Jedi by Mark Daniels (variant)

The six color bronze metallic variant edition is part of a limited run of just 150 pieces. This six color silkscreen measures 12″ X 24″. It retails for $55.

Dark Ink

Bounty Hunters for Hire by Mark Daniels (regular)

Again, another beautiful piece from artist Mark Daniels. A 12″ X 24″ silkscreen, this color scheme is the regular edition. Six color (bronze metallic ink) silkscreen. Part of a 250 piece edition. This piece retails for $50.

Dark Ink

Bounty Hunters for Hire by Mark Daniels (variant)

Maybe you’re looking for a different color scheme. Lucky for you, Dark Ink has you covered with this 12″ X 24″ silkscreen variant of Bounty Hunters for Hire, featuring fan-favorite Boba Fett. Six color silkscreen retails for $55 and is part of a limited run of 150 pieces.

Dark Ink

Porg No Evil by Craig Skaggs

Maybe you’re looking for something a little more… adorable. Enter the lovable and cute Porgs. This 24″ X 16″ lithograph by Craig Skaggs is just what you’re looking for. Priced at $40, this is part of a 395 piece edition.

Dark Ink

These are just a small handful of the many, many beautiful pieces you can find at Dark Ink today. From the original trilogy to the newest films, there’s artwork for any fan. Darth Vader, Yoda, Poe Dameron, The Grand Inquisitor, Greedo… the entire gang of Star Wars characters is here.

Check them out today and save some cash with the code PORG20 during their May The Fourth sale. 

Each of their pieces are as unique as they are beautiful. You don’t need The Force to understand that today’s one-day only sale is well worth your time.