Star Wars Day: Four reasons it’s so great being a Star Wars fan!

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Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

Celebrating Star Wars Day/May the Fourth be with You:

Diversity: More than just a small wooden ship.

Yes, diversity is a reason to celebrate Star Wars.  Seeing more representation in Star Wars is a reason to be happy.  And no there’s no agenda being shoved down our throats by Disney.  Rather we’re just getting a better representation of what our world looks like.

Still, for me, the reason why I love the diversity of these characters and their casting is rather selfish. I have a daughter who never had an interest in Star Wars, but boy did her eyes ever light up when she saw Rey in The Force Awakens.

Finally, there was a character she could identify with. Now before you all say hey what about Princess Leia or Padme Amidala, you have to realize that neither of those characters was the main protagonist.

Likewise, more diversity within the cast simply means more people see themselves in these characters. The series will attack more fans, and who doesn’t like having more people to talk to about a galaxy far, far away?

More importantly, having a larger fan base makes Star Wars more profitable which in turn allows Disney and Lucasfilm to make more movies, more shows, and provide us all with more of the content we all love.

Forces of Destiny, the animated short-series on Disney/Disney XD is a prime example of such diversity and creativity.