Star Wars: Episode IX: Here’s how Darth Vader and Kylo Ren ‘meet’

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Credit: (Lucasfilm)

Here’s how Darth Vader and Kylo Ren should meet in Star Wars: Episode IX.

A while ago, rumors of certain Star Wars characters meeting each-other in Star Wars: Episode IX surfaced the internet. Specifically Rey and Yoda. Talk about ultimate team-up goals!  Rumor has it that Yoda will most likely train her if he shows up. But let’s switch it up a bit.

What if it was Kylo Ren meeting Darth Vader in Episode IX? Ever wondered what it would look like? Well, the fandom has you covered!

Fans on social media have already taken it upon themselves to merge these two together and see what it would be like! Digital art and paintings have been made that show how they would want certain characters in the Star Wars universe to meet, or what they’d get up to.

These ‘fan-made’ posts are all over the internet, and they’re all so beautiful. This fandom truly is gifted. Below are some of the innovative ideas many fans have come up with as to what could go down if these two characters met!

Did Kylo Ren and Darth Vader meet Calvin and Hobbes?

Credit: Brian Kesinger

Okay, they didn’t actually meet them, but this artwork designed by artist Brian Kesinger sure puts the idea into perspective. Look at them. They look like a grandfather and son just having some fun in the snow; it’s so adorable.

You think Darth Vader’s teaching him the ‘Art of the Sith’ in this photo?