Star Wars: Episode IX: Here’s how Darth Vader and Kylo Ren ‘meet’

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“Show me again, the power of the darkness.”

This fan-made mashup of Kylo Ren meeting Darth Vader is insaaaaaaane. I mean, look how real it looks, there’s literally much darkness in one room. Seriously, the ending of this video gave me shivers.

Now, this is a scene worth waiting for in Star Wars: Episode IX!

Would they actually get along or try to kill each other?

Well, they’re both parts of the Sith who want to rule over everyone in the galaxy and wield all of the force, so there’d probably be competition, even if they are related.

A user on Quora wrote a small piece on what he thinks their first encounter would be. It does lean a lot towards the ‘destroying each other’ side, and also sounds like an excellent script:

"“Grandfather?” Ren asked, curious. The vision of Vader stepped forward, swinging its blade, Ren dodging the blow. The air crackled with static electricity, him realizing that this mirage was very much real. Their blades met, each time Ren feeling the force behind each blow. His fighting style, unrefined, soon brought him down on his knees, the apparition now holding both lightsabers, each almost pressing against his neck. A sharp, concise sentence escaped the vocabulator of the phantom. “Your failure will only increase as you persist, child.” –"

Credit to: Yinza on Tumblr

…Or maybe they want to have some tea and catch up.

Okay, this one was just too good not to share. I had to include this absolute piece of gold.

Can you imagine Kylo Ren just gossiping to Darth Vader about all the crap he’s dealt with everywhere in the galaxy?!