Star Wars Cosplay: We interview Jedi Manda, Cosplay extraordinaire

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Photo Credit: Alexandra Lee Studios

We interview Jedi Manda, Star Wars Cosplay extraordinaire!

Star Wars Cosplay is taking over the galaxy, with Star Wars fans across the Universe embracing their inner fandom in so many fun and extraordinary ways like never before.

However, there is one Star Wars Cosplayer who reigns supreme, and we put out a substantial bounty out, tracking her down. Welcome to Dork Side of the Force, Jedi Manda, Star Wars Cosplay extraordinaire!

Before we dive in, here’s a little bit of background on Jedi Manda, in case you are late to the party.

As a professional seamstress and avid costume maker with more than six years of experience, she has competed, and ultimately won, several costume competitions, as well as judged almost an equal amount.

She has been featured on several sites such as, D23 (Disney fan club), Kotaku, and SyFy. Jedimanda is an epic seamstress with the cuts, scars, and glue gun burns to prove it. She puts a lot of time into her cosplay competing. Traveling all across the US for competitions and hoping to go internationally for competitions soon.

She tries to divide her time between her love of costume making, oil painting, and building her SFX makeup portfolio! She has a BFA from the University of Louisville in Fine Art Painting. She split most of her college and early post-college time between working in theatre makeup and costume shop duties. Focusing on makeup and costuming, Amanda takes the full role as an artist to the heart.

When she’s not sewing or drawing her eyeballs out, she is a professional graphic designer and a professional wig maker and works for Custom Wig Company.

Without further ado, we welcome Jedi Manda to Dork Side of the Force.