Star Wars Cosplay: We interview Jedi Manda, Cosplay extraordinaire

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Photo Credit: Alexandra Lee Studios

Star Wars Cosplay extraordinaire, Jedi Manda shares her earliest Star Wars memories and her introduction to a galaxy far, far away.

1. What is the earliest memory you have as a Star Wars fan? What got you into the fandom? 

Earliest Star Wars memory I have is very strange. I remember watching Empire with my father and being completely scared and grossed out by the scene where Han slices open the TaunTaun for Luke. I ended up hating Empire, and my father determined to get me liking Star Wars introduced me to Return of the Jedi, which I fell in love with. I got into the fandom that way, but really diving in when the prequels came to be. I’m a prequel defender and always will be.

2. Who’s your favorite Star Wars character and why? 

HARDEST QUESTION EVER. But honestly probably Princess Leia. She is the strongest female character ever, in any fandom. She loves and leads. How could I not be behind a character like that?!

3. What’s your favorite Star Wars film and why? 

ANOTHER INSANELY TOUGH QUESTION. BUT, I will divide this into two parts. Nostalgia wise, definitely Return of the Jedi. Cinematically, The Force Awakens. Both have different reasons but with The Force Awakens, I just think that movie captured me more, plus the quality was top notch. Return of the Jedi just makes me happy in all ways.