Star Wars Cosplay: We interview Jedi Manda, Cosplay extraordinaire

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Photo Credit: Alexandra Lee Studios

Star Wars Cosplay is a way of life, just like the fandom of a galaxy far, far away!

4. Are you into any of the Star Wars content outside of the films — animated, books, novels, comics, etc.? 

OH yes, I cosplay Ahsoka Tano often, and she is one of my most recognized costumes online. People love her. I love her. I was a big fan of the Clone Wars and Rebels series. I’m actually just started to read the comic book series that are getting high praise, Like Darth Vader, Poe Dameron, and Doctor Aphra. I’m more of a comic fan than a novel. However, I enjoyed Phasma and Ahsoka a ton. What a great novels.

5. What’s been favorite Star Wars Cosplay you’ve donned?
Favorite Star Wars cosplay has to be my Queen Amidala. I’m so connected with Padme from an early age; it was an easy choice to start really looking into her bio and costume history. She is an underrated character in my opinion. Cosplaying her, I hope to bring her and the looks she rocks more in the limelight.

6. What cosplay events have you been to? Are there any you attend on an annual basis? 
I’ve been to so many conventions, but on the regular, I attend C2E2 and Gen Con. I will be doing Star Wars Celebration on the regular if they keep being in the USA and hopefully, I can afford to start doing Dragon Con and Katsucon on the regular. Everything is so pricey.