Star Wars Cosplay: We interview Jedi Manda, Cosplay extraordinaire

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Photo Credit: Alexandra Lee Studios

Jedi Manda has competed in some of the most prominent cosplay events across the globe.

7. Have you entered any cosplay contests? If so, have you won?
Yes, actually it’s the main reason I cosplay. I love to compete with my creations. My most recent win in the Central Champion for the Crown Cosplay Championships. The Crown is the biggest worldwide cosplay competition focusing on craftsmanship. I was award this honor early last month. I was one of three USA representatives in the world for this competition. It was a big deal.

8. Has your cosplay ventures led you to meet any of your Star Wars idols? If so, which ones? 
I’m not really into meeting celebrities, it’s fun but not my main reason for attending conventions. However, I have met Ashley Eckstein a couple of times, and Dave Filoni. I would probably love to meet Mark Hamill the most out of everyone.

9. Talk about your website JediManda and all that you offer.
Sure, my website is pretty basic, but I do run an up to date blog along with multiple portfolios I have on the site. I am a fine artist and an SFX makeup artist also so you can go check all that out there as well.

10. Where can people find you, Jedi Manda, on Social Media? Website? Etc? 
I’m all over the internet, find me at @Jedimanda on every social media site possible, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, and Youtube.

Thank you so much, for your time. May the Force be with you!

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