Star Wars, politics have always gone hand in hand even before The Last Jedi

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Not subtle in the slightest

Hello Greedo points out that Star Wars: The Clone Wars is less subtle, with many of its stories not hiding their political. He’s spot on.

So, why are certain Star Wars “authorities” so upset about the political messages in the current films and stories? How is this “agenda” different than George Lucas and his political vibes?

Why does Kathleen Kennedy receive hate from every angle for wearing a shirt that says, “the Force is female?” She’s not promoting her “feminazi” propaganda, but embracing a Star Wars franchise that now celebrates women, they way it should, outside of just one character in Leia from times past.

Diversity is finally overtaking a galaxy far, far away and it’s a fantastic thing. Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson did not use The Last Jedi as a plot to promote SJW viewpoints but displayed the state of affairs in our culture — as George Lucas did when he wrote the stories back in his day.

A prime example in The Last Jedi is when DJ expresses to Finn that both sides of the fight are making money off of war, which is undoubtedly the case in this day and age. Canto Bight symbolizes the wealthy and elite of society thriving at the expense of those who are living in poverty.

This approach is nothing new, and the current Lucasfilm team should not be crucified for doing the same thing that George Lucas, and every filmmaker for that matter, does in every single movie. Discussing political aspects of a film or story is not necessarily promoting an SJW agenda; it’s an essential method of storytelling. It has been since the beginning of time, in reality.