Han Solo’s 5 most memorable Star Wars moments bring them nostalgic feels

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2. Father and Son, The Force Awakens

The Force Awakens gives fans a more mature, more grandfather-like Han Solo. The movie is Rey’s journey, but that doesn’t mean that older characters like Han are forgotten or ignored.

Han plays an enormous role in The Force Awakens as he mentors Rey during the early stages of her journey joining the Resistance. It’s also revealed that Kylo Ren, the new trilogy’s main antagonist, is the son of Han Solo and Leia Organa.

We spend much of The Force Awakens wondering why Kylo Ren turned to the Dark Side. How could the son of two of the Rebellion’s most essential heroes turn to evil?

His decision to turn remains shrouded in mystery, but Han and Leia’s love for their seemingly lost son does not. When the Resistance’s mission to survive brings Han to Starkiller Base, he comes face to face with his son, Ben Solo.

Han has a heart-to-heart with Ben concerning Supreme Leader Snoke’s influence over the younger Solo. Han essentially begs Ben to come back to the light, insisting that Snoke has corrupted his mind. It’s a touching moment, in which Han Solo makes himself completely vulnerable in order to try to save his son.

He feels as though he may be able to convince him to abandon the Dark Side of the Force. Unfortunately, Kylo Ren doesn’t see a way back and stabs his own father through the heart.

Thus, Han Solo, the man, comes to an end. But the sacrifice that Han makes in trying to salvage his son’s soul is not forgotten. Even Kylo Ren remains confused after killing his father, likely puzzled by the fact that he might have still cared about his parents somewhere deep down.

We’ll have to wait until Episode IX to see if Han’s sacrifice was worth it.

Honorable Mention: Landing the Millennium Falcon on Starkiller Base with a hyperspace trick – The Force Awakens