Mark Hamill gives Solo: A Star Wars Story a glowing review!


The word is out, fellow Star Wars nerds! Our beloved Mark Hamill has endorsed the new Solo: A Star Wars Story film on Twitter…

There is so much mixed emotion surrounding the debut of the new standalone Star Wars Film Solo: A Star Wars Story. A lot of people are undecided in terms of whether or not they are excited about this installment in the Star Wars universe.

Mark Hamill, however, does not share fans’ undecidedness. After the May 10thHollywood premiere of Solo: A Star Wars Story, Mark Hamill took to Twitter to let his many, many followers know that he loved the movie!

Without revealing any spoilers, Mark Hamill posted on Twitter that he couldn’t wait to see the movie AGAIN (he used all caps here, so I felt I needed to as well in order the convey the enthusiasm he felt about the film).

In addition to saying this, he also used the hashtag #SoHighFromSolo, which I think should be the official hashtag of the movie, to be perfectly honest with you.

Mark Hamill seems to be a pretty big fan of the Star Wars spinoff concept. Before Rogue One came to theaters Mark Hamill said:

"“I’ve only seen the trailers, and it looks fantastic. I can’t wait, yeah. They have a real advantage being able to go in and do a one-off story because you don’t have to follow the trilogy model of a three-act play. They can really get it done, get off, and leave the audience wanting more. They have a chance to make it their own identity. This one looks like a really gritty World War II film. They have a chance to really branch out and stake out the territory for themselves, so I’m looking forward to it.”"

From his brief review, it sounds like Mark Hamill feels that Solo: A Star Wars Story hits the mark too!

Well, Mark Hamill’s endorsement is enough for me, but for those who are still iffy, the reviews thus far have very positive. While there is no Audience Score available yet on Rotten Tomatoes, the Critics Score is at 74 percent.

Next: Lando Calrissian, whiners and cryers and pansexuals, oh my!

Solo: A Star Wars Story is out on May 25! If you don’t have your tickets make sure to find a Star Wars pal and go get some! Can’t wait to discuss it with you all soon!