Even George Lucas is a fan of Solo: A Star Wars Story!


Even though he has officially sold the franchise, George Lucas still looms large in the hearts of Star Wars fans around the world…

I’m going to be honest with you guys…I was excited about Rogue one, but I wasn’t elated. However, when it comes to Solo: A Star Wars Story I’m just beside myself with excitement for this Thursday’s premiere!

Apparently, I’m not the only one though! Two institutions of the Star Wars universe have expressed their support of the upcoming movie.

George Lucas and Mark Hammill were both present for the glamorous premiere of the Solo: A Star Wars Movie premiere on May 10 (I would’ve killed to be at that premiere with Donald Glover, Emilia Clarke, and Alden Ehrenreich…I mean, they’re incredible!).

According to a recent interview with Ron Howard – Director of Solo: A Star Wars Story – George Lucas made an appearance on the set of the new Solo film.

In his interview, Ron Howard stated that:

"“[George Lucas] was really supportive of it. He doesn’t get down in the weeds on the movies anymore,” Howard said. “He did come by and visit the set, which is a pretty rare thing, but he did it as a show of support which was really cool. And he was really complimentary. But he was also really confident when I came in that I would get the feel of it and understand how to maximize the entertainment value of these characters and this world.”"

I know a lot of people are really opposed to this new film, but perhaps the endorsement of The Maker will help convince people to at least give this film a shot!

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I know that I will be there opening night! If you haven’t gotten tickets yet, make sure that you do! Let us know in the comments if you’re excited to see the new film!

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