Solo: A Star Wars Story: 5 Characters we do not want to see

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Photo Credit: [Star Wars: Return of the Jedi] Lucasfilm

Solo: A Star Wars Story has nearly arrived. In a matter of hours for some, Star Wars fans will be treated to a backstory anticipated by all.

We know Solo: A Star Wars Story includes fan favorites like Chewbacca and Lando Calrissian, not to mention new characters Qi’ra, Tobias Beckett, Val, and Dryden Vos, but its who we do not want to see that is the subject here.

A cameo appearance can do wonders for a film to ratchet up interest and excitement from fans. This was evident with Rogue One featuring not only Darth Vader but CGI appearances by Grand Moff Tarkin and Princess Leia, which no doubt helped the film achieve.

But there are also instances when a character appearance can be detrimental to the cause. In the case of Rogue One, Lucasfilm had just enough Darth Vader to wet the appetite of fans without overshadowing the film’s main characters.

But sometimes its best to just not include apparent characters at all, which waters down the product. It’s all about balance within the Force, right?

Here are the top five list of characters that we DO NOT want to see in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

5. Jabba The Hutt:

Photo Credit: [Star Wars: Return of the Jedi] LucasfilmJabba the Hutt makes the most sense out of any cameo for Solo: A Star Wars Story, but, I say we need to pass on this one.

Yeah, we all know the fat slug king of the underworld has a history with Han and Chewie, but do we really need to hear any additional backstory? No, and not to mention the awful CGI job Lucasfilm did with the Special Editions, we have had enough Jabba for now.