Solo: A Star Wars Story is a roaring good time!

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Photo Credit: [Solo: A Star Wars Story] Lucasfilm

Love: When Han Meets Chewie

The moment in and of itself was both dramatic and funny. It was great seeing from the start that Han often got the two of them into messes just as Chewie often got them out of with his brute force. In fact, Chewie at times outshines Han Solo in the movie. We see why he’s referred to as “the mighty” Chewbacca in Return of the Jedi. Their interactions in the movie provide all the nostalgic feels one can handle.

Love: Lando and L3-37

Donald Glover is Lando Calrissian. Not only does Glover do a great job of emulating Billy Dee Williams’ suave portrayal of the beloved character, he absolutely owns the part. Lando himself falls somewhere between the Lando we see in Star Wars: Rebels and the one we see in Empire Strikes Back.

The perfect combination of slick hustler, and suave Cloud City administrator. He steals every scene he’s in, and I only wish we got more of him.

Photo Credit: [Solo: A Star Wars Story] LucasfilmSome of the best Star Wars characters we’ve gotten since the Disney Lucasfilm takeover have been the new droids, and L3-37 is no exception. Voiced by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, L3-37 provides some great humor in the movie and steals many of the scenes she shares with her flesh and blood counterparts. And it appears we’ll get a bit more of that personality throughout the franchise.