Solo: A Star Wars Story left something to be desired


We’ve written several reviews of Solo: A Star Wars Story that contain spoilers, so here is a spoiler-free review for those wanting who want one…

It’s here! The long-anticipated next installment in the ever-expanding Star Wars universe is out! Solo: A Star Wars Story hit theatres Thursday night and I, along with many other avid fans, was there and waiting with baited breath as the opening scrawl (or this film’s version of it) flashed across the screen.

I’m not sure what people were talking about when they complained about a slow beginning, because as soon as the scrawl disappeared from the screen, the action began. The beginning took fans back to a defining moment of Han Solo’s life on Corellia, involving the elusive Qi’Ra, that took place three years before the main action of the film.

Honestly, I was immediately sold on Alden Ehrenreich’s performance as Han Solo. He was roguish, quick-witted, and charming as hell. I’ve been a fan of Ehrenreich’s since his performance in Hail Caesar, so I perhaps I went in with less skepticism than most, but I think that he killed it in his portrayal of the beloved scoundrel.

Speaking of performances that rocked the house, Donald Glover was an absolutely incredible Lando Calrissian! He was dripping with charisma and swagger and there wasn’t even a second where I wasn’t fully on board with him taking over that character.

This film rewards deep fans! I love that! Oftentimes, when major franchises try to employ fanservice in their films it can be clunky and heavy-handed. However, I felt that Solo: A Star Wars Story wove in deep cut fan service that will undoubtedly thrill fans who have immersed themselves in the canon beyond the films.

The introduction of Han Solo and Chewie was excellent! It was exactly what it needed to be and I don’t think any fans will be disappointed with it. It was epic and humorous and touching all at once. Their transition from casual acquaintances to co-pilots was really fun. I enjoyed that part of the film immensely.

Also, I somehow managed to get into this film with no idea who the big cameo was going to be. I won’t spoil it for you, but it blew my freaking mind and it made me so excited to see some sort of future books, comics, or films that will explain this cameo and connection further.

Now, it pains me to say this, but I was disappointed with the development of Qi’Ra’s character. During the lead up to the film, the trailers led me to hope that Qi’Ra would be one of the more complex and challenging female characters in the franchise. There was so much potential there, but, in my opinion, there wasn’t much of a payoff.

The reason I feel this way is because her character was grossly underdeveloped. Throughout the film, they hint at Qi’Ra’s dark past, but the audience is never given any insight into what they mean by that. The choices she makes throughout the film lose their punch because the audience has no idea concept of her motivations.

A redeeming factor on this front would be if this film was the first of several. The ending of the film is open-ended, so that gives me hope that perhaps they are planning on continuing the saga of a young Han Solo.

Overall, I enjoyed the film! It was fun and fast paced and held my attention through the entirety of the two hours! I am anxious to see it again and further develop opinions of it. If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you head to your local theater and check it out! Let us know in the comments what you thought!

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