Darth Maul: Everything you need to know after watching Solo: A Star Wars Story

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Photo Credit: [Star Wars: The Clone Wars] Lucasfilm

Darth Maul and his dark and dire path

About 10-12 years after the events of The Phantom Menace, Darth Maul remerges — but is a shell of his former self — quite literally. This story is more accurately the tragedy of Darth Maul and his character arc mirrors that of Sisyphus from Greek mythology.

He is cursed by having to push a giant boulder to the top of a mountaintop, symbolizing his arrogance in thinking he could throw Zeus from his throne Each time Maul gets to the top of the mountain, and close to achieving such desire, he falls to the bottom, back where he started again.

Sisyphus and Darth Maul have much in common, as you’ll learn.

Sisyphus (1548–49) by Titian, Prado Museum, Madrid, Spain Via Wikipedia

Maul is later found by his brother Savage Opress, who is taken to his birth mother, Mother Talzen of the Night Sisters. She then nurses him back to health, and he takes on his brother, Savage Opress as his new apprentice.

He accumulates an underground army of Mandalorian warriors, drug cartels, and crime lords. Once he gathers his Forces to his liking, his goal is to overthrow his former Master, Darth Sidious and the Sith pretender Dooku.

However, he is sidetracked and seeks out Obi-Wan Kenobi — with revenge on his mind. Although Kenobi survives, Maul takes from him what he loves the most; his former lover Dutchess Satine.

Photo Credit: [Star Wars: The Clone Wars] LucasfilmKenobi escapes, so Maul and Savage turn their efforts back to acquiring an elite army. Maul conquers Mandalore’s lead Pre Vizla, becoming the leader of the esteemed world.

Naturally, their efforts fail, and victory is shortlived when Maul is captured by his former Master — and Savage is slaughtered by Darth Sidious.