5 things we can learn from Solo: A Star Wars Story

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2. Don’t let anything stop you from reaching your goal.

Throughout the movie, his motive was to be the best pilot in the galaxy. To achieve this, his goal was to get a ship, the Millenium Falcon. What’s admirable about Han is his strength to keep fighting on to get where he wants to be. We can all take notes from him in this case. It’s inspiring.

Though Lando backstabbed him by fleeing with the Falcon after helping Han on the mission, Han didn’t see to it as defeat. He found him again and took Lando’s cards from him that was hidden up his sleeve, and challenged him to another game of Sabacc. This way, Han earned the Falcon fairly and just shows how determined he was to achieve his goal.

Solo is a bit of a stubborn soul, but hey, his constant drive to get the Falcon from Lando is an event we should all learn from. Han is a fighter, and in everyday life, we need to find that drive to fight for things you love and dreams you want to accomplish. That includes fighting for good grades, kids.

3. Be wary of who you trust

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

Through the entire movie, Han came across and met so many different types of people. He met criminals, his former love interest, smugglers, and even an adorable Wookiee (AKA our precious Chewie).

Some of them stuck with him through thick and thin; others didn’t. Some betrayed and backstabbed him; others stood by him like Chewbacca when Han saved his life from what would have been their deaths.

The point of this is to surround yourself with good people and not to let yourself get engulfed by the bad ones. Keep a functional, small group of trustworthy people with you, even if it’s just one person. Han and Chewie are best friends and always have each other no matter what.

Han’s story should inspire for us to only be around those people who mean well, and not ill of you. It’s important to have those few people that will always have your back. Surround yourself with positivity and cut ties with those who backstab you.