5 things we can learn from Solo: A Star Wars Story

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Photo Credit: [Solo: A Star Wars Story] Lucasfilm

4. Representation matters – be proud of who you are.

Can you believe in a far corner of the galaxy, there is a respected smuggler who is a person of color? Honestly, me neither.

Lando may be an unpredictable character, but his position in the movie (before Han won the Falcon, especially), he clearly has a lot of fans. Being a smuggler means his money probably wasn’t earned by working late night shifts at Walmart.

But he’s still a relatively upper-class of a person as he presents himself as. Despite Lando’s nature, it does reflect how important representation is.

I mean, if a man of color in another corner of the galaxy is treated so well, then the same should apply to people on Earth. Lando’s also pansexual as said by Donald Glover, which would give people of that community in today’s community someone representing them and making them proud of who they are.

So, strangely enough, Lando’s character does show how vital representation is and to be proud of our differences.