The Website for Star Wars Celebration 2019 is Live!


It’s here! The website for Star Wars Celebration 2019 in Chicago is up and full of great, useful information for fans who plan on joining the celebration!

It was reported recently that Star Wars Celebration would be hosted in Chicago in 2019. This is great news for those of us who don’t live on the coasts. It won’t be quite as difficult of a trek.

Well, we have some more news for your Star War fans! The Website for Star Wars Celebration is now live!

Though this isn’t any information up yet about who will be making an appearance at the famed Star Wars event, there is a lot of helpful stuff on that page!

To begin with, there is a countdown clock on the home page that is counting down to the first day of Star Wars Celebration!

Another very helpful feature is the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page that answers a lot of really practical questions you might have about the event. They have officially announced, via the website, the exact location of Celebration as well as answering questions about ticket prices, Celebration hours, parking, etc.

Also, per the website tickets for Star Wars Celebration will officially be on Sale on June 5th at noon! You will be able to purchase tickets through the Star Wars Celebration Website. So, make sure you go check out the page and find out about the different tickets and decide which one you’ll want to buy for yourself if you plan on going.

In past years, there have been exciting appearances from beloved Star Wars figures like Mark Hamill, Daisy Ridley, Dave Filoni, Ashley Eckstein, and so many others.

It’s a chance for Star Wars fans to get together, cosplay, chat, and celebrate the fandom that we all love!

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I know I plan on being there and I absolutely cannot wait! So, who is planning on making the trek to Chicago for the biggest celebration of all things Star Wars?! I know that, for me, 2019 can’t get here fast enough! Let us know if you’ll be there in the comments below!