Star Wars Concept Art: 5 exhilarating plot pieces scrapped from Star Wars films

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Star Wars fan-art from ArtStation by Nicolas Siner

Star Wars Concept Art is beautiful, isn’t it? It’s so…artistic.

It’s what helps a movie gain more viewers, especially if the designs are intricate and well-thought-out art. Star Wars concept art has always been something un-earthly, which is what’s helped make the franchise so popular.

Some, of course, has been better than others. There are a few concept art pieces I feel should have been replaced with their unused counterparts.

Many Star Wars concept art pieces that went unused have been released over time, and trust me; you’ll see that some of them really should have been used, as listed below!

Padme confronts Anakin

Star Wars Concept Art: 1. Padme vs. Anakin Skywalker

This is a very drastic and different approach to the end of the original film where she was pleading Anakin Skywalker to not turn to his evil ways. Here, she’s rocking a blood-red cape. She has a much darker persona here.

This makes her look a lot more fierce rather than timid despite the fact that she was carrying twins. It’s almost twisted.

She looks like she’s ready to fight Anakin if she had to. Honestly, such an intense and twisted ending to their arc would have been really interesting to have seen.

You don’t know the power of the Dark Side!