Star Wars Concept Art: 5 exhilarating plot pieces scrapped from Star Wars films

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Creepy Kylo Ren

Star Wars Concept Art: 2. A very…creepy Kylo Ren

While some may disagree, I personally quite like this look. Here, Kylo Ren seems a lot more…interested in his grandfather’s antics as he strokes his helmet. It feels more sinister. Like he’s personally connecting with his grandfather through that helmet.

It makes it look like Kylo Ren is taking the whole ‘family-bonding’ thing really seriously, especially since he’s known to be very curious about Vader.

Besides, his creepy-robot-metal-looking face looks wicked-cool.

Solo: A Star-Wars Story Concept Art

Star Wars Concept Art: 3. A Beautifully-Narrow Escape

Instead of what was shown in the movie, this art gives off a much more ‘icy’ tone. In Solo: A Star Wars Story, what we saw was the ship surrounded more by rock than this icy-type architecture. If this made the cut, it would have been visually, a lot prettier.

This cut looks a lot cleaner, too. The rocks don’t look so plain and the ice definitely gives it that ‘spine chill’ touch. Plus, blue makes everything look good.

A scene like this could have also amped up the hype for the movie too. After all, it’s visuals like this that excite the Star Wars fandom.