Star Wars fan finds lightsaber clue connecting Rey and Kylo Ren


Rian Johnson’s polarizing film still has secrets to divulge for Star Wars obsessives, including and Rey and Kylo connection.

News has emerged that an eagle-eyed fan of Star Wars: The Last Jedi has spotted a striking visual clue as to the connection of Rey and Kylo Ren. Reddit user egoshoppe created a compelling GIF that was picked up and shared by Star Wars Stuff.

In the GIF we get glimpses of Rey adopting a  similar fighting style to her dark counterpart – saber drawn directly ahead, rapid backhanded slashes, and a crushing horizontal finisher strike. It appears to be no accident their movements are so similar.

As pointed to by many, this visual motif may have acted as a foreshadowing of the final battle between Luke and Kylo Ren on the planet Crait. Several users on the thread (where, bafflingly, the original GIF has been removed) take this hint to be further proof of Rey’s “downloading” the skills and knowledge of the force from Kylo Ren.

As a fan, the connection between Rey and Kylo Ren has been the most interesting and exhilarating part of the Sequel Trilogy for me. Seeing it laid out in such a clear visual motif deepens my appreciation for both films.

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If I was to indulge in some pure unadulterated speculation – I might even posit that the force bond they have in The Last Jedi was actually created in the prior film’s interrogation sequence. We’ll have to wait (with bated breath) for Star Wars Episode IX to provide the answers to this mystery.

While the fandom may remain torn for some time as to how the events of The Last Jedi played out — or what the future of the franchise should look like — there can be little doubt as to the level of visual attention and care given in The Last Jedi.

What do you think about egoshoppe and his gif? Do you see the similarities? Or do you have a disturbing lack of faith? Give us a shout in the comments below!