5 Star Wars characters improved by TV shows, books, and comics

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2. Captain Phasma

There was a lot of hype surrounding Captain Phasma in the lead-up to The Force Awakens. Outfitted in sleek armor, she looked like a menacing enforcer of the First Order, brought to life by the immensely talented Gwendoline Christie. Unfortunately, she didn’t live up to the hype in The Force Awakens as her character played a disappointingly small role and wasn’t as formidable as teased.

This was rectified in the Phasma novel and Captain Phasma comic, both revealing she wasn’t just the First Order loyalist everyone thought her to be. Phasma was above all a survivor dedicated to furthering her position. Unlike Kylo Ren and Armitage Hux, she was not motivated by the ideals of Supreme Leader Snoke or the First Order.

In the novel, she betrayed and murdered her own people in order to escape her planet with Brendol Hux and join the First Order. Later she teamed up with Armitage Hux to kill his father Brendol, a move befitting both of their ambitions. Phasma’s true nature is also shown in the comic with the lengths taken to ensure no one would know she lowered the shields on Starkiller Base.

A deleted scene from Star Wars:The Last Jedi–featuring a different end for Phasma–reveals her true self even further, the strong foundation for which was established in the novel and comic making her a more intriguing character than the one presented in the films.