5 Star Wars characters improved by TV shows, books, and comics

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3. Mon Mothma

Mon Mothma has very little screen time in the original trilogy, only briefly appearing in Return of the Jedi to speak about the second Death Star and the Bothans who died to acquire the plans. Materials outside the film have created a much clearer and more meaningful view of the character.

Mon Mothma is actually a founder and leader of the Rebel Alliance. Her public defiance of Emperor Palpatine was a bold and uplifting move that united many individuals and spurred the Rebel Alliance forward, a moment beautifully captured in Star Wars Rebels.

In the years leading up to this, she navigated a fine line between serving her home planet Chandrila and the galaxy in the Senate while also working to build the Rebel Alliance. She had to balance many conflicting groups and viewpoints within the Rebel Alliance, often having to make the difficult calls that no one else could in order to maintain the best possible unity and strength against the Empire. Even after the Battle of Endor, she worked tirelessly to create and lead the New Republic in order to create a better galaxy.