Lando is back for Episode IX: What does it mean for the Trilogy?


Billy Dee Williams is back as Lando Calrissian in Star Wars Episode IX!

Everyone’s favorite cape-wearing scoundrel will appear in Star Wars: Episode IX, various media outlets have confirmed.  There were rumors leading up to the confirmation, including Williams had canceled an appearance at a fan event due to a filming conflict leading to his casting speculation.  Williams is also rumored to be dieting and training prior to filming.  The same rumors surrounded both Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher prior to their role reprisals.  With the rumors finally being confirmed, what can we expect from Lando in Episode IX?

What does Lando’s return mean for the story going forward?

With Williams reprising the role of Lando Calrissian, every major surviving character from the Original Trilogy will see their stories completed.  In many ways he’ll fill the void left by the unexpected death of Fisher, who have seen her role expanded in this final installment of the sequel trilogy. Each of the films is geared towards addressing the fate of the Original Trilogy’s three leads.  And now with Fisher gone, Lando is expected to help progress the story in Leia’s place.

Lando – Star Wars: Rebels [Lucasfilm]With the resistance on the run, perhaps the onetime smuggler will help ensure the survival of the New Rebellion. I can seen Lando helping the resistance to slip through the grasp of the first order.  I can also see Lando rallying other scoundrels to the Resistance’s cause, after all even pirates and scoundrels have had their moments helping the the Rebel Alliance.

Lando’s return and subsequent actions could be used as a good counter point to Benicio Del Toro’s DJ.  Whereas one Scoundrel refuses to choose a side, another knows that there’s no hiding from the conflict.  At some point or another the conflict will engulf you and you need to choose which side you fight for.  The conflict engulfed Lando on Cloud City.  And as hard as he tried not to choose a side, it was chosen for him.

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It will be fun to see how Lando fairs.  As fans we’ve all been clamoring to have Williams back in the fold. And if Lando should meet his end it’ll only be fitting that he’s behind the controls of the Millenium Falcon one last time.

A final pinch of Nostalgia to really bring out that Star Wars Flavor.

Lando’s return is a great way to add the final touch of nostalgia to the sequel trilogy.  And with Solo reminding everyone of just how suave Lando is, having Williams reprise the role is the kind of news the fanbase can rally around.  With much of the Star Wars fandom split over The Last Jedi, bringing back the “ole smoothie” will certainly help bring some excitement back to the series.

Photo Credit: [Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back] Lucasfilm via NerdistWith JJ Abrams returning to the directors chair, hopefully Episode IX will deliver for all fans of the series.  Bringing Williams back as Lando is a good first step.  How Lando is used within the story will determine is yet to be determined.  We hope it hits the right notes to keep the fandom from further souring on the franchise.

Star Wars: Episode IX is scheduled to come out December 20, 2019.