This Star Wars character connects the galaxy in a big way


If you love when Star Wars shows and films connect in small ways, you’ll love John Kasdan’s latest reply to a fan on Twitter. The galaxy is smaller than you thought.

When someone mentions Star Wars, a few key characters probably come to mind – most likely a princess, a space scoundrel, or a Skywalker.

Sometimes, minor characters get lost in the shuffle. Unless you’re looking for a way to connect the many dots that make up various eras and stories in this galaxy far, far away.

It turns out one seemingly less significant character in the Star Wars universe might be the connecting piece bringing Solo: A Star Wars Story even more in-line with the rest of film and television canon.

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His name is Edrio “Two Tubes.” And he’s a friend of a rebel gone rogue.

If that name doesn’t sound familiar, let’s pair him up with another character you’ll definitely recognize.

During the Rise of the Empire, this character lost his homeworld to Palpatine’s regime. As any grieving citizen would, he decided he couldn’t stand to let the enemy win … and joined Saw Gerrera in his fight to bring the Empire down.

You already knew this, of course, if you watched the fourth and final season of Star Wars Rebels. He appeared on the show flying alongside Saw during “In the Name of the Rebellion,” during which Ezra and Sabine briefly join Saw’s crew on one of their missions.

This ties Rebels and Rogue One together well enough – Saw plays a significant role in both. But how does all of this relate back to Solo?

Co-writer John Kasdan answered that question in a single tweet.

Apparently, he originally planned on connecting Saw, the early fragments of the Rebel Alliance, and Enfys Nest.

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In a way, his character ended up as more of a cameo in the final cut of the film. But sometimes, these are the best – and most fun to discover – references for fans who love everything the galaxy has to offer.

When you get a chance to see Solo again, keep an eye out for Edrio. He may not have any lines, but he’s just as important as Emfys and the rest of the rebels.

Solo: A Star Wars Story will release on Blu-ray and digital in September 2018.