All of Claudia Gray’s Star Wars books are must-reads


Claudia Gray has only contributed a few Star Wars books, but they are all must-reads. Here’s why we think that.

Lost Stars was one of the canon books I read early on when I started really diving into the Star Wars universe. Prior to the book, I had never read anything by Claudia Gray, but I was hearing good things about it so I gave it a shot.

The book follows Thane Kyrell and Ciena Ree. Neither character is a well-established one in the universe, but the way Gray writes the characters makes them easy to connect to. Both love flying (we know a few other characters who feel the same), but they end up having different opinions on the Imperial Academy and the Empire. It’s a fantastic story of two people who are trying to live their dreams while also doing what they think is best for the greater good.

Bloodline takes on telling Princess Leia’s story prior to The Force Awakens. Due to the limited time characters have in any given movie, this book allows fans to dive deeper into how Leia Organa works. It’s hard to gain her trust and she constantly has new dangers to face.

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Gray knows how to make you want to just keep turning the pages and it’s on full display in Bloodline. Both books were hard to put down. She has a great flow and ability to tell compelling stories.

Gray also wrote another Leia story in Leia: Princess of Alderean. This one takes a look at a younger Leia who is still learning about everything her adoptive parents do. She’s 16 and you won’t be disappointed with what she was like as a teenager. This book also touches on how she knows Holdo, which is a fun addition to her history.

While the movies get the majority of the attention, don’t discount the books, because the great stories continue in the canonized novels. I hope that they have something else coming from  Gray soon, because it’ll be a must-read for me just like these two were.

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Buy a copy of Lost Stars here, a copy of Bloodline here and a copy of Leia: Princess of Alderaan here. We hope you enjoy them!