Solo: A Star Wars Story Blu-ray details have been revealed


Solo: A Star Wars Story is heading to Blu-ray soon and the details on bonus features and deleted scenes have been revealed.

Solo: A Star Wars Story arrives digitally on September 14. For the 4k and Blu-ray editions, you’ll have to wait a little longer, until September 25, for those. However, we now have details on what bonus material will be included, according to

Some of the bonus features will vary based on which retailer you buy from, but here’s the list.

Solo: The Director & Cast Roundtable – Ron Howard and some cast members discuss the making of the film.

Team Chewie – This gives a behind-the scenes look at bringing Chewie to life.

Kasdan on Kasdan – Lawrence and Jonathan Kasdan discuss working on the script together.

Remaking the Millennium Falcon – Take a look at the transformation of the ship from Lando’s time with it to Han’s.

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Escape from Corellia – This gives a behind-the-scenes look at how this chase came to life.

The Train Heist – Take a look at the effects, the location, and how this sequence was created.

Becoming a Droid: L3-37 – Would the bonus features be complete without something on L3?

Scoundrels, Droids, Creatures and Cards: Welcome to Fort Ypso – This feature gives us a tour of the bar where a lot of Sabaac games happen.

Into the Maelstrom: The Kessel Run – See how this moment came to be.

The deleted scenes include Proxima’s Den, Corellian Foot Chase, Han Solo: Imperial Cadet, The Battle of Mimban: Extended, Han Versus Chewie: Extended, Snowball Fight!, Meet Dryden: Extended and Coaxium Double-Cross.

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There’s also a feature on the Millennium Falcon going from page to park that explores the history of the ship and how it’s one of the most anticipated expansions in the history of Disneyland.

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