Star Wars: The Clone Wars is coming back!


Star Wars: The Clone Wars is coming back, it was announced at San Diego Comic-Con during the show’s 10th anniversary panel.

The 10-year anniversary of Star Wars: The Clone Wars panel from San Diego Comic-Con took us on a great trip down memory lane. The panel was filled with nostalgia, great artwork and genuine love for storytelling.

And a big surprise … Star Wars fans are getting more Clone Wars

And here is the trailer:

The reveal didn’t occur until the end of the panel. It seems it will appear on Disney’s upcoming streaming service.

We will post updates as we get them. Before the big news, we were treated to some great stories.

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Dave Filoni started the panel by showing the original The Clone Wars trailer, which was shown at Star Wars Celebration in 2007 and then with some original artwork that he once thought lost.

According to Filoni – and those wonderful enough to tweet about the panel – original Star Wars characters weren’t intended to be a focus of Clone Wars, but George Lucas wanted Anakin Skywalker.

Most of the panel had the speakers going through top moments and memories. There was plenty of artwork as it seems Filoni created sketches throughout the process of Clone Wars to help with the development of the episodes.

Those are sketches that some Star Wars fans would love to have – and one did. Ashley Eckstein, who voiced Ahsoka Tano, said she has a folder full of them since Filoni made it seem they were disposable. She kept them for her collection, according to multiple people on Twitter.

While the panel seemed to lightly touch on topics and storylines, it did enjoy showing off more art that featured popular arcs and some stories that never made it.

Ahsoka was a big topic for the panel. Eckstein’s character was featured with reshowing of the clip when she left the Jedi Order. As you can imagine, Star Wars fans were teary all over again.

So the trailer for The Clone Wars comeback was made even more powerful.

Check out some of the artwork that was shared:

Are you as excited as we are about Star Wars: The Clone Wars coming back?