Star Wars: How does the Star Wars Universe appeal to you?


Like so many others around the world, Star Wars is an event for my family and me. The appeal of this very special universe knows no bounds.

I was nine years old in 1995 and for Christmas that year, amongst my other gifts, my mother had gotten me a copy of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope on VHS. Now, at that point of my life, I wasn’t as fully immersed in my Star Wars fandom as I would become just two years later but that videotape was my first introduction to that famous galaxy far, far away…

Ironically enough, upon my initial viewing of the film, my 9-year-old-self wasn’t all that impressed! And before you bash me to pieces, just remember what the original Star Wars movie was competing with in order to gain my affections back in 1995.

Batman Forever, Toy Story, Jumanji, and the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers movies were all newer to the lexicon and fresher in my mind than a film that was (at that time) rapidly nearing its 20th anniversary.

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My chief complaints of the movie when I first saw it was that it looked sort of old and that there wasn’t nearly enough of the ”laser-swords” or ”Dark Vader.”

Hilariously, I didn’t know that Star Wars was the first film in an epic trilogy and once my mother told me that, my intrigue grew.

In 1997, once I saw George Lucas released the ”special edition” trilogy in honor of A New Hope’s 20th anniversary, with new tweaks and updates from the original releases, I knew I had to have the collection!

I binged watched the entire trilogy in a single weekend and from that point forward, I was hooked.

When the first of the prequels hit home video, I can remember being so pumped to see a pre-Dark Side Anakin, young Obi-Wan, and Darth Maul (wielding that super dope dual-bladed lightsaber) in Episode I that I didn’t realize that the video cassette that I picked up was dubbed in Spanish! I watched the entire movie (twice) in a language I couldn’t even understand before I was able to enjoy it fully.

Photo Credit: [Star Wars Rebels] Lucasfilm, Cartoon NetworkOver the years, Star Wars has been such a presence in my life that I have been able to share it with my wife and also pass it down to our kids. We have a son and four daughters and whenever they hear the opening chords of John Williams’ incredible score, they immediately stop what they’re doing and come to see which film is on.

My wife wasn’t so much into Star Wars when we first got married but over our 12 years together, she submitted to the will of the Dark Side! Her birthday is Cinco de Mayo (aka Revenge of the Fifth) so between her birthday and the ”May the Fourth” celebrations, early May is exciting for the family!

We even had a Star Wars-themed Halloween a few years ago with my son and I dressed as Jango and Boba Fett.

I always say Star Wars takes me to my happy place because of all the great memories that I have associated with the franchise. All of the different worlds and characters, the stories that can be told are virtually limitless.

For me, the biggest appeal of Star Wars is the development of the characters. Despite what you may see or think at surface level, there is so much more than meets the eye with each character that we are introduced to. Main stories, subplots, and intriguing character arcs all accompany the films, animated shows, novels, comics, and even video games.

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No matter the media format, you can nearly guarantee that you will be experiencing an interesting story with awesome characters.

Regardless of where you’re from or what your beliefs are, Star Wars is a language we can all speak and enjoy with one another. My family and I will always be thankful for the great times that we’ve had by being a part of the Star Wars collective.

How did you get introduced to Star Wars? Let us know!