Star Wars: Episode IX first image released; What does it tell us?


J.J. Abrams shared the first official image of Star Wars: Episode IX and it’s difficult to tell if it tells absolutely nothing or gives us something to ponder over?

Star Wars: Episode IX is officially underway. We already knew production was about to begin, but J.J. Abrams sharing the first official image from the set gives it more of an officially underway feeling.

Sharing the image via his official Twitter account, he made comment to how it is as a bittersweet moment to be doing this without Carrie Fisher.

There isn’t much to get excited about however as the image is not really that interesting. It’s a close up of some camera equipment with a background so blurry; it is very difficult to tell what is going.

What we can say is that it looks like John Boyega, Finn, in the background. He too shared an image saying Star Wars: Episode IX filming is underway, and the image is pretty much the same, so the assumption is that he was on set as well and was captured in Abrams photo.

The big question being asked however is, does the image give us any details about what is to come in Star Wars: Episode IX?

Honestly? No, I don’t think it does. But I’ll probably be proved wrong.

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It’s pretty much a very useless image for trying to get any ideas about what is happening. However, this is Star Wars, and one of the best things about the fandom is there will be someone, somewhere, who will spot some tiny detail that thousands of us will overlook, something big and something significant.

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It will happen, it always happens; someone is going to spot something tiny and minute in that image. But until that does happen, it is nothing special really other than to say Star Wars: Episode IX production is underway.

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So are you the one? The one to spot something that none of us have been able to spot? Share what you are thinking, or what you have spotted, in the comments below?