Hasbro unveils two new Star Wars figures at Mexico’s Unboxing Toy Convention


Ready to pick up some new Hasbro Star Wars figures? The toy company is bringing two new figures in 2019.

Toys fans had their eyes set on Mexico’s Unboxing Toy Convention as new figures and toys were unveiled last week.

Hasbro revealed two new Star Wars figures that will be coming in early 2019, and fans will love to add these collectibles to their collections. The two new figures feature a moment from the original trilogy, and from the newest Star Wars film.

Two new Hasbro figures shown off were from The Black Series and The Vintage Collection, two of Hasbro’s more popular lines.

The Black Series six-inch figure features Han Solo Mimban figure. This depicts Han Solo from the Solo: A Star Wars Story. Mimban is where he met Beckett, and eventually Chewbacca.

The important moment being Solo and Chewbacca’s meeting, and eventual partnership.

Photo courtesy Hasbro.

The Vintage Collection 3.75-inch figure features Leia in a Boussh costume. The scene is from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi where Leia dresses up as Boushh to infiltrate Jabba’s Palace.

Photo courtesy Hasbro.

Given the importance of these two scenes, they should be a big hit with collectors.

Hasbro’s Star Wars figures are popular with Star Wars fans. Many save the figurines to add to their collections. These figures are no exception, especially the Leia in the Boushh outfit.

As the year goes on, we will continue to showcase any new Star Wars Hasbro toys coming down the pike. In the meantime, these will be released early next year.

Check out the newest Star Wars toys in early 2019.