Star Wars: The best vehicles from the Original Trilogy

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The Original Trilogy had some unforgettable additions to the culture. Many of the vehicles really stood out but which one could be considered as the best?

Nearly from the very beginning, Star Wars has brought so many new additions to the pop culture lexicon. George Lucas‘ vision for his films revolutionized not only the sci-fi epic but it also changed the way major motion pictures are made in general in the original trilogy.

From Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and lightsabers to Yoda, Luke Skywalker, and the entire concept of the Force, the Star Wars Original Trilogy films introduced us all to so many innovative characters, vehicles, sounds, weapons, and vocabulary.

Some of the most noteworthy facets from the original films have to do with their featured vehicles.

The Death Star trench run from A New Hope is just one of the many moments that immediately pops into my mind. Watching the dogfight between the X-wings and TIE fighters was such an electric sequence that it turns me into a little kid all over again with each viewing!

Several of the vehicles seen onscreen in the films were very memorable and as soon as we saw them for the first time, many of us wished that we could pilot them for ourselves. I know where I stand on this topic but it’s still a fun one to discuss.

Which vehicles do you think were the best of the Original Trilogy?