Star Wars: The best vehicles from the Original Trilogy

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Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

Imperial speeder bikes

First seen in: Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

For as awesome as Luke’s landspeeder was, the Imperial speeder bikes significantly upped the coolness factor.

Somehow, if you have never had the chance to see it in the movie, imagine a super dope flying motorcycle (minus the wheels) with guns mounted on it and you would have a very good rough idea of essentially the baseline visualization of the speeder bike.

Crashing and falling off of one going at a high rate of speed would most assuredly spell doom for its rider but the adrenaline rush experienced from pushing one of those things to its limits and beyond would by and large be very much worth the risk.

Luke and Leia both got the chance to pilot the speeder bikes during that portion of the movie as they battled it out with Imperial forces. Funnily enough, a brave little Ewok helps to kick everything into motion!

I defy anyone to go back and view the chase scene featuring the speeder bikes in Return of the Jedi and not get excited. I’m convinced that you can’t do it! Even 35 years after its release, it is still a thrilling scene and for your viewing pleasure, I’ve thrown in a link to it here.

You can thank me later!